Shift-click selection on upload page does not function correctly

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Browser: Chrome and Firefox

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Step 1: Shift-click different observation ranges after posting photos into the uploader.

Step 2: Most of the time, the selection appears to jump across the page or otherwise incorrectly select the right ranges.

I have mentally dismissed this issue for a long time, but it occurs to me this isn’t how it should be working…


not sure exactly what you’re describing here, but it sounds like it could be the same thing as one of these previous bug reports:

I’m describing a situation such as where I click photo 1 and shift-click photo 10, it should highlight 1-10, but instead it highlights something like 1 and 30-40, or 1, 5,7 and 10. Effectively it seems to be incorrectly highlighting the ranges.

do you rearrange your observations in the upload page before you try to shift-click? if so, it sounds like the problem described in the second bug report that i noted above.

Not often, but sometimes. I’ll have to see if it’s replicatable.

This happens to me only after I duplicate an observation.

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duplication can have the same effect as reordering because the duplicated observation by default will be placed immediately after the source observation in the upload page. for example, if you create obs A and obs B, and then you duplicate obs A, the dupe A will show up between obs A and obs B. in other words, the dupe A will be the third observation created on the page, but it shows up as the second observation visually.

so your case would be the same issue as described in the second bug report i noted above.

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