Group selection quirks in upload interface

Platform : Mac OS 10.14

Browser : Chrome

Screenshots :

Selection of a single image:

Attempt to group select three images using shift-click:

Description of problem :

Step 1: Select the second photo, Empis livida.

Step 2: Shift-click a few photos along to group select connected images, ready to combine

Step 3: Wonder why it’s being weird.

I consistently find quirks with this aspect of the upload interface.
In this particular instance, I clicked the first, shift clicked the third to create a group, but it selected all four on the line. Then trying to reproduce it a moment later for this bug report, it wouldn’t group select any at all.

I’ve noted similar quirks like this in trying to group select images for a while.

Coming back to it again, I was able to reproduce initial bug :
So this is created using the same action as above. Shift clicking on image at end of row having first clicked on 2nd image along.

i see a problem only if you’ve re-ordered the observation “cards”, as is now possible since

for example, suppose you have four observations:
:A: :B: :C: :D:

if you select :A: (the first item) and then shift+click :C: (the 3rd item), then you should see [A], [B], and [C] selected:
[A] [B] [C] :D:

however, suppose you reorder the observations by moving :C: after :D::
:A: :B: :D: :C:

then if you select :A: (the first item) and then shift+click :D: (the 3rd item visually but the 4th item created), you’ll see everything selected:
[A] [B] [D] [C]

alternatively, suppose you reorder the observations by moving :D: before :A::
:D: :A: :B: :C:

then if you select :D: (the first item visually but the 4th item created) and then shift+click :B: (the third item visually but the second item created), you’ll see [B], [C], and [D] selected:
[D] :A: [B] [C]

… in other words, the shift+click operates based on the order of the observations as they were created, not based on the order of the observations as they are represented on the screen.


Nice. Yep, that seems to be the cause. Good to know how to avoid.

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Ok…still noticing more of this.
Seems a bit more to it.

This time, no reordering happened …but the quirks are there. The photos have been uploaded and grouped in order taken…except the grasshopper photos which were dragged in afterwards to the front of the queue.

Here I am selecting obs 5 then trying to shift click obs 1 to select all, but it only selects the two observations.

Moments before, as with the original post, it flicked from accidentally selecting everything to not group selecting at all.

Will keep playing it with it when I upload stuff tomorrow to see if I can figure out a theme… maybe there are other triggers in addition to reordering.

so the order they were added to the uploader was 2-3-4-5-1 (as they display in your screenshot), you then group highlight 5 and 1 and so only 5 and 1 are highlighted! That fits what Pisum described as happening, the “order” as far as grouping is concerned is not the displayed order, but rather the order they were added to the uploader…

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Ok, just trying uploading again now.
Same quirks, no reordering, no later additions, just adding photos as is, in order, and trying to group them.

If you pick up from folder starting with number one, then number 10, it drops number 10 first into the uploader, followed by numbers 1-9. However, I don’t think this is anything to do with that, or it would be happening a lot more frequently!

Other possibilities are maybe that the initial logical order (ie not necessarily the appearance or physical order) could be influenced by esoteric matters, such as the order the “objects” (cards) are created in the browser, which could in theory differ to the order in which they are placed and displayed! Maybe even the filesystem creation date/time is coming into play, or file modified date…

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like i said before, i don’t see any problems unless the order of the “cards” as they are represented on the screen does not match the order in which they were added to the screen. so if you see a problem that’s unrelated to that kind of mismatch, then i would just suggest trying to document a specific set of steps that you can use to reliably reproduce the problem you’re seeing. without a way to reproduce the problem, i suspect it will be really difficult to fix the problem.