Errors after Oreothlypis split

After Leiothlypis was split from Oreothlypis, 129 observations of L. celata (Orange-crowned Warbler) – seen here – are stuck in a strange state:

  1. Old IDs of O. celata were automatically converted to L. celata but are shown as Maverick IDs.
  2. The observations still show a community ID of O. celata, an inactive taxon.
  3. But the observation are also listed as Research Grade.

What’s up, and how do we get this sorted out? I have not yet checked other species in the two genera to see if something similar happened to other species during the genus split.


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Marking/unmarking something in the Data Quality Assessment section (refreshes the observation and often resolves a lot of issues) updates the label at the top of the page, but the Community Taxon on the side of the page is still Oreothlypis celata and so the Leiothlypis celata IDs are still maverick.

Seems to just be a small subset of the observations: there are 8314 at L. celata and only 127 stuck at O. celata (with verifiable set to any). Though since we can’t search the community taxon, there might be more hidden among the L. celata obs, not sure.


It doesn’t look like this is happening with any other Leiothlypis species, except in cases where observers have opted out of community ID: Something unusual happened with Orange-crowned Warbler.

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