Two taxon splits, different ID changes

Both Eurasian Magpie (Pica pica) and Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis) recently got split into different species. While in the woodpecker, the taxon was automatically swapped, in the magpie, all the IDs are now just marked as ‘invalid taxon’, and when adding the new taxon Pica pica, the obs loses its RG status.


Mine has the RG status:

Yes, because other users subsequently supported it. But this didn’t happen automatically as in the woodpecker case

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Okay. They all looked automatic to me.

to help bring the ones to research grade that have one correct ID, you can use this identify url:
I’ve been using to go through observations that are Research grade as and identifying them as the new eurasian magpie, so if anyone can help pring those to RG that would be great.


I made swap for mine on taxon split page, but it’s frustrating as other taxon do it automatically and now I have to receive lots of notifications about magpies.


The magpie split does seem to be working, just very slowly. It looks like the old taxon is inactivated before moving to the new taxon, so at the moment lots of obs are in limbo. I think no action is needed, just wait and these will fix themselves. The large number of magpie observations means this one has been slower than the others



These two observations each had four IDs for the inactive taxon and two for the new one:

Adding another ID changed the observations from “Needs ID” to “Casual”. Why does this happen and how can it be fixed?

I think these are Casual because the user has opted out of Community ID, and her ID is now an inactive taxon. I assume her ID will automatically be transferred to the new taxon, and fix the problem


The opted-out taxon swap ones are unusual. Most stay in Casual after swap but can be fixed by a “refreshment” of the record (I’m trying to go through and “surface” the new bird changes back to RG for instance). In a few cases like the above examples, the observer’s choice doesn’t get swapped and it stays inactive/casual forever, or at least until the observer changes it manually themselves.


Now confirmed that there was a bug affecting the Pica pica taxon change, iNat staff are investigating