How to show the native distributions of taxa in observation search?

Is there a way to look up a taxa’s native distribution only? On the Explore tab there’s an option to only look up a taxa’s introduced distribution, but nothing for the native distribution, even though that would just entail filtering out the introduced ones.

For example, if one looked up Centrarchidae with this hypothetical filter, they would receive only observations from the Eastern US and the two observations of Sacramento Perch from the California coast.

I’m having trouble getting map tiles to load, but I think adding &introduced=false to the URL might work?

Depending on what you’re interested in you might need to limit it to hrank=species as well, and possibly go in and edit the establishment means, since iNaturalist definitely isn’t comprehensive about listing native vs. introduced for all taxa in all places.

If this doesn’t work and there’s no other way of retrieving this information, you can add a request to the Explore page brainstorm:


Thanks, that works! And yeah, I was expecting a bit of establishment tinkering to be necessary for a proper distribution. Honestly wish there was a way to change the establishment means from the taxa page itself instead of having to go to each location’s page.

Speaking of establishment means; just wondering; for aquatic taxa like fish that have very “jagged” native vs introduced distributions due to dependence on river basins (i.e. Bluegill is a native species half an hour west of my house, but would probably be considered an introduced species here), would there be a way to incorporate the data on (orange is native, red is introduced) to create a sort of automatic establishment means?

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