Explore filters missing 'year'

when using the explore feature and filters, you can select a ‘month’ but not a ‘year’?! I just want April 2023 data. I know I can select a start and end date, but why have the option to select a month, but then not a specific year or all as options?

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Because you want to see a certain month over several years. You can select more than one month at a time.


I understand that, but what if I just want to see April 2023. it would be easy to add two filters, one for the month and one year. If you leave year blank, it will search the same month over all the years. If you select a year, it will give you the data for that year.

if you want to filter by year, you can always add, say, &year=2023 to the end your URL. or if you are uncomfortable specifying your own parameters in the URL, you can use the filter menu to select a Date Range. there are many ways to achieve the same result.

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