Seasonal Searches mid-month to mid-month

I would like to search for observations within a seasonal, bracketed set of dates (but for all years), such as June 12 to July 5 for all years. I can see in the filters how to search for specific full months. I can see in the filters how to search between two discrete dates (which includes year). But I can’t see how to search between two month/days for all years. I also haven’t been able to see how to do this in the URL. Any tips?


This isn’t possible as far as I’m aware, but it’s been requested by others for whenever the Explore page is redesigned.


currently, i think you can only approximate this using the week or month parameter. depending on how many records you get back from that, you might then be able to filter through those yourself (on the client side) to look for more specific dates.


I know you asked for a search, but you can get the information using a Collection project I believe. This project for example looks for data in a period of 4 months every year.

that’s just filtering for 4 months, but i guess it would be possible to set up a series of projects, each for the same period of different years, and the combine them under an umbrella project.

Wow, I didn’t realize there was a “week” parameter. Not as precise as day, but much more precise than month. I just tried this out and I can list a few weeks (e.g. week=24,25,26). This will be useful @pisum Thank-you so much!!!


Thank-you Cassi. I’m glad it has been requested by others already. Pisum’s suggesting of using a “week” parameter will work fairly well for me, so … until the next revision… :-) Thanks. :-)

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@bouteloua @isumls Is there such a thing as a Julian Date parameter (like week and month)?