Explore page responding extremely slowly on map view after using the draw circular or rectangular boundary tools

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website
Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Opera and Chrome

  1. Go to any random Explore page with any random set of filters applied (the actual filters don’t seem to matter at all, I tried many, it just seems to be a problem affecting the explore page in general).
  2. Use either the rectangular or circular boundary tool, and draw a rectangle/circle around a subset of observations on the map.
  3. In the past (earlier than a few days ago when I first noticed this), once you draw the shape the explore page would instantly update with the new spatial filter. Now, the response is incredibly slow; after drawing a rectangle around just 7 observations on the map (more observations in the shape seems to = longer response time), it takes up to 70 seconds (!!) for the page to update. Or, most of the time, it just simply doesn’t load at all.
  4. However, there are two ways of forcing it to work straight away:
    a. if you click on the grid tab to swap over from the map view, it then updates straight away
    b. if you scroll in or out one zoom level, it updates

Here’s a video showing the behaviour: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uFtw2Aa1VjXyKApCs4C0O8fHCfbs6rU1/view?usp=sharing


I noticed this a few days ago also, and can replicate it today.

I can also replicate. Zooming in or out causes and instant update for me as well.

It redraws only after any user interaction with the map, and there is nothnig in devtools console.

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i don’t think this is the case. as far as i can tell, the lag is in the screen itself getting stuck while trying to determine whether you’re done updating the shape (the box or the circle), or something like that. (the functions are somewhat abstracted. so i didn’t try to figure out exactly what it’s doing.)

the screen doesn’t know how many observations there are in the shape until it issues the API requests to get the observations and map tiles, and the requests aren’t made until the screen gets unstuck.

i’m not sure this is exactly right, but interactions with the map are definitely one of the things that seem to interrupt the process described above. it looks like these kinds of actions will interrupt the process (not a complete list):

  • move your mouse over the draw box or draw circle icons
  • pan the map
  • zoom the map
  • change the basemap layer (map view, satellite view, terrain option, etc.)
  • highlight one of the observations in the floating window on the right side of the map, which brings up the observation detail info pop-up on the map.

it may also be worth noting that each time you do the last item above, you’ll see a warning message pop in the developer tools console, which reads something to the effect of:

Setting focus on InfoWindow was ignored. This is most likely due to InfoWindow not being visible yet.

I let our devs know, but it’s the weekend here so it likely won’t get looked at until Monday.


I am having the same problem. I’ve found you can sometimes force it to load faster by switching to one of the other tabs (e.g. species tab) and then switching back

this seems to have semi-resolved, it’s significantly faster now/normal behaviour (still a little slow though)

and it’s broken again :(

Should be fixed now. It’s working well for me.