Issue adjusting the bounding box in the Explore page

Because there is no tool for drawing a bounding box in the Explore page, I change manually the longitudes/latitudes in order to adjust them to the search I intend to do.

Many times I get no response at all.
It seems random, not in relation with the coordinates or the bounding box size.

You may try reproduce the issue like this:

Either it works fine, either no response with 50% frequency, or worse. Sometimes it is very annoying.

if you’re rapidly reloading the page with new coordinates over a short period of time, you might be encountering some sort of throttling. the next time you encounter a problem like what you’ve described, open the developer tools in your browser and look to see if there are any error messages in the console.

here’s an example of an earlier unrelated problem that was related to throttling: one of the posts in that thread has a screenshot of some error messages that shows throttling occurring.

Thanks. It was easy to reproduce:

Again, after I wrote the comment above.

3 minutes later, it’s OK:

2 minutes and a few seconds later, it fails again:

hmmm… your screenshots don’t seem to include any errors indicating that you’ve been throttled. so that hypothesis is invalid. the ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT error probably indicates that you have an ad blocker. i don’t think that should cause the problem you’ve described, but you could always try repeating what you did with the ad blocker turned off to see if that changes anything…

I put iNat in the ad blocker white list.

I still reproduce the issue, but without the “blocked by client” message.

Reproduced after 4 minutes.
Same message in the console.

i don’t think that message is an indication of your specific problem. i can’t reproduce the problem myself. so i don’t know how to dig further myself. sorry.

one last thing you could look at is if you look at the Network activity in your developer tools, if you see anything there that hasn’t terminated, it could just mean that your page is just loading slowly for some reason.

The page is stabilized after 5 or 6 seconds.

hmmm… if there’s no network activity and the page still didn’t load right and there are no error messages, and since i can’t reproduce your problem, then i can’t help much more. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

we’ll just have to see what the professionals can dig up.