Explore seems to be frozen

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Logging out and Explore, filter for Southern Africa, this is what I get.

Logging in and Explore, my filter is set for Southern Africa, but this is what I see, and this is what I have been seeing the past 2 days now…

Seems my account froze after this observation posted yesterday morning.

do a hard refresh of the page using Ctrl+F5. do you still see the same thing?
restart your machine and browser. do you still see the same thing?
clear cookies and history. do you still see the same thing?
try a different browser. do you still see the same thing?

It never shows when things already are RG, but now it’s even worse, for me it shows things uploaded yesterday as newest, it’s clearly related to amount of observations.

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I tried logging in on my work computer and cell phone, same problem. must be the account that is bugged.

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ok. then this probably falls under the same umbrella as:

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I agree these issues might be related, but the result is that I am unable to see new observations uploaded when logged in. I only see observations submitted 20 Jan 2022 08:32 local time and prior to this.

I think something happened somewhere! Just tried again and I am now again seeing the freshly submitted observations, thank you.

I will come back and tell you my account freezes up again.

I managed to load this now

Mine was stuck for the past 2 days, but finally updated a few minutes ago, it seems to be working OK for now.

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Sorry - this was a side effect of a recent API update. Data was getting cached, but the cache was not expiring as intended. Hopefully data will refresh as usual again