Exporting more then one species data from a project

I have created a project for all invasive species in the region I live. I am looking to extract the data for only our top 10 prioritized species, as these are the populations were going to look into for further management.

When I go to export the data, it gives me the option to put in a taxon of choice, but only one. Commas cannot be used to separate multiple.

Is there a way I can export more then one, but fewer then all?

Hope this made sense! Thanks for your help in advance.

Hm, are you talking about the box labeled Taxon on the export page? There’s another box further down called Taxon IDs that allows a comma separated list.

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Ok maybe? Im new to this. what are the numbers?

Also, I was originally talking about the taxon box above with the magnify glass beside it; I can type in one taxon but not multiple.

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Each taxon has an integer associated with it. There are a number of different ways to find that number, here’s one:

Enter your taxon in the header search and choose About.

This will open a taxon page. The taxon ID is the number in the URL.

Yes, that box can only accept one taxon. You’ll have to use the ID numbers to get more than one at a time.

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Thanks so much!!!

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