Exclusion Filters Exclude Taxa - entering a large list of species

If I create a project and I want to use Exclusion Filters - Exclude Taxa. Is there a way I could past in a list of 500-1000 species that I dont want to include. Basically my goal is to exclude all the common species in a group so I can work on the less common ones where people really need ID help and I can study the results. Its seems like it would take forever to add species one at a time but it would be nice to past in a list. I dont know if this is possiable.

I’m pretty sure you can, I never added so much in an exclusion list, but list of taxa included I had 700+ species, so I guess it’s working there too. Maybe if you can exclude whole subgenera it would be faster. Or maybe include rare ones instead.

I tried pasting in a list and it did not work

You have to go one by one (I’m not sure you can use csv files for projects, but you can try).

Thank you

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