Export Column for Only Specific Epithet

I am exporting data for incorporation into another (offline) biodiversity database. The Export Observations interface is good but can there be an additional option under Taxon Extras that puts ONLY the specific epithet in a column? If you select the existing option “taxon_species_name”, it produces a column in the .csv with the full Latin binomial (both genus and species).

Example: Western Meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta). If I select taxon_genus_name and taxon_species_name from the Taxon Extras, I get a genus column with “Sturnella” in it and a species column with “Sturnella neglecta” in it. What I want is a species column with just “neglecta”.

It’s pretty easy to split a cell in Excel.



Thanks, that will be easy enough to do! Although I still think having a specific epithet only option in the Taxon Extras would be nice, as it would save everyone a step.

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Names are actually entered into the iNaturalist database as “Genus species” or “Genus species subspecies”. There is no separate column of data for just the specific or subspecific epithet.

I guess iNat could manually split them into two or three columns on export. But there are definitely some odd cases that won’t fit the Genus+species(+subspecies) format.

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