False observation age

My observation https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/60465596 which was taken in 2015 gets in some aspects an observation age of “15 J” that means 15 years. When I change the language from German to English it gets correct “5 Y”.

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Can you provide some more details please? Is this on the website or the app? Where exactly are you seeing 15 J? Can you provide screenshots or URLs?


I go the inat homepage and click on “Beobachtungen”. It is the first observation, added today.

This is what I see:

Maybe you have to choose Raster instead of Karte.

Still not seeing 15 J:

If you could please give exact steps to reproduce, that would help a lot.

The steps to reproduce are exact now. I have made some investigations. It seems to be a browser issue. I am using Firefox 78.2.Oesr (and cannot go to newer version) for openSUSE 15.1. There I get 15 J.

If I use Google Chrome 85.0.4183.121 under the same operating system or Firefox 81.0 or Google Chrome 85.0.4183.102 under Windows 7 then I get the correct value 5 J.

Most astonishing is the fact that 15 J changes to 5 Y when changing the language from German to English.

Can you post a screenshot? Are you sure that 1 is not from another part of caption, in Russian because there’s not enough space I don’t even see when it was taken.


Ok, there is no real bug. Many thanks to melodi_96. There is not enough space for the caption. It is, for example, sufficient to reduce the font size of the browser to see the correct value. If my observation had 2 comments instead of only 1 I would have read 25 J.


Looks like it is a common problem for multiple languages, I also had a bug report of something that was shown as 11y. old for me and not 1. :sweat_smile:

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