Favorite iNat profile picture

Do you ever look at someones profile and go…that’s a good profile picture? Whatever I seem to choose as my own always seams to be put to shame by the other peoples ones. same with my user name.


Not sure if they’re on the forums, but @sus_scrofa’s entire profile puts me in a state of awe whenever I look at it.


For iNat I appreciate the ones who show me which taxa they observe and ID.
Who shall I ask? What is their name again??
But anything is better that an UNprofile Ghostly Grey Head.


I like to find people with a sense of humour.

e.g: https://www.inaturalist.org/people/kevinwilliams

Also with a good sense of fashion

e.g: https://www.inaturalist.org/people/17378

Somewhat related discussion: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/the-value-of-an-avatar/38159/3

Ohh the giant rubber duck guy is also nice.


Oh, you mean robotpie.

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Quack quack iNatters. Giant Rubber Duck in tha house!

To be fair I chose my profile pic and username because I thought it would just be a temporary thing (so very little thought put in), but I was wrong and now I shall remain as a towering yellow anatid to other fellow iNatters.


Sure, people I like have good photos, there’s my husband’s page and my relatives’ ones, others I don’t care or some I don’t like, but it doesn’t matter unless I have to talk to them constantly, then seeing the icon over and over would be affecting.
If you yourself doesn’t like what you have, you always can fix it, if you think something is better, think why is that and which photo would make you feel proud. Same with username.

I am pretty satisfied with the picture I have chosen as my icon, and after all, with the text of my self-description in english and German, too.

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Green hair and 'tache


Oh, that’s a quality profile pic!

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Pictures of the users out in nature enjoying themselves make me grin as I’m usually vicariously enjoying the outdoors through their observations when I’m on here.

I’m not sure if specific users would like to be pointed out but one prolific identifier of nature in the southwest is probably my favorite. Their picture features them hunched over with their face practically pressed against the ground, with their bio referencing the photo saying their photo demonstrates the superpower of spectacular nearsightedness prior to recent surgery.


There is an individual who when he adds an identification to my observations I always smile because his profile photo shows him cheekily pointing into the camera like CHACHOW here is what you saw.

There is a woman who when I see she has made an observation on recently active I go see what it is because her profile photo is of her looking down while smiling, lit by the sun setting, and she has those freckles you get from being in the sun. It just makes me want to be wherever she is, looking at whatever she is holding.

I really liked the photo @fffffffff used to have with the pompom hat, it made me smile every time I saw it although I have liked all her photos and I always “ooh!” when I see she has a new one.


Professional egg layer?


I chose my username when I worked in parking garage management and didn’t know much about biology. Now I’m a naturalist aide for the government and also an ecology educator for a non-profit. I told my boss once that I was going to change my username and she was like, no no, you gotta keep it, you’re bennypoo now.

Sigh. I suppose I am.


Ha, I hear you there. I was given my “pet name” as I was TAing the class and another senior instructor had the name “Ray”. So I became “Ray Ray” and it has stuck for like 10 years since I was a TA. I guess it fits because whenever I assist with the Yale class I am immediately “Ray Ray” in the course of a few outings. I guess it also helps that I don’t act my age in the field!


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I thought mine wasn’t bad, but seeing this two I feel ashamed of myself.


Yep. The “Oh-look,-a-butterfly-on-my-face” is so cliche. So many people have it!

You need to step up your game!

Why not a giant critter that most people don’t like? (and that i hope isn’t real!)

Or maybe just a regular every day creature with some nice composition?


I can think of one in particular that I really love: she wears a flower crown and just generally presents a hippy-dippy “nature girl” image. https://www.inaturalist.org/people/vcervantes



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