Filter community sightings by intersection of species & date & region to observe migrations?

Simple form: In the case of migratory species (e.g. Monarchs) I have not found a way to see other observations in my area, for that single species, for the last year (month or week) on the website or on my phone as opposed to last years.

Detailed: When I look at “recent observations” in my area of Central Texas, all that I found have been from previous years (not this years migration). When I look at the seasonality chart, it shows they are peaking but this is not specific to my region so it is unsurprising given this is peak monarch time in the Midwest US at this time of year. However in Central Texas, my wife and I both believe we are a few weeks early for Monarchs and think we should be able to drill down and see this years and past years results. We just can’t figure out how to do this. I am using Monarch’s as an example, the same interest would be true of spoonbills, bluebirds, etc.

I have spent about an hour on this and read help files and searched FAQ, so not sure if I am missing it, if am using different search terms, or if should be posting this in suggesting a new feature. It seems like a pretty obvious feature though?

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Interesting research project! In my web interface, there is a date range option for filtering observations. Does that not work on your interface?

Yes, you can set settings of search for specific date range or for months you’re interested in.

I am using iNaturalist app on Android and Chrome iNaturalist on Windows 10.
On the Chrome, I go to the species and I do not see anywhere or anyway to filter. Can you please include detailed instructions or a screenshot of where you are finding this date filter option?

OK great, I am still not finding this anywhere. Maybe it is right infront of my face, but some more instructions would be much appreciated.

I guess it’s the same in English version.

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I find that under the Explore tab of the website

. (Ignore the date typo in the example :neutral_face:)


Very helpful, thank you both!
I was looking to filter on the species page rather than on the observations page. Not sure how to improve documentation so others do not make this mistake?

Well, when in the search tab you search up for species you can choose “open observations” and there a regular searching page will open with all the settings, so it’s not a long way.

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