Sort by relative date of the observations

It will be nice to implement sorting not by absolute, but by relative (of the year) observation date. Why could it be usefull? For example, for investigation of the migration state of the specie.

I’ve recently investigated the Common swift migration, and found that it is hard without such sorting.

@kildor can you explain your use case in a bit more detail?

I want to know the frequency of observations of Swifts during July-August. From this we can conclude about the number of birds in a particular area. To do this, I take observations, filter them by month and get an array of data sorted by the date of observations. I would like to sort it by day of the year (Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR, if you will). Thus, it can be seen when the bulk of birds begins to fly away. Here is an example of such feature.

It is also usefull to compare the arrival time of birds, to understand the appropriate time for a possible meeting with the desired species.

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So, like the seasonality plot on the taxon page?

Yep. This is a bit similar, but very “abstract” and draft. It is only one-dimesion and rude plot. It can’t answer a question “When swifts are left some regions”, it only says “All observations are at summer”.

I think this can be achieved with filtering by place on the taxon page, no? For example, here are Apus apus observations in Denmark:

And in Armenia:

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I’ve filtered by month. Would that work for you?

@tiwane, yes, I think this is the closest solution to my request without code modify.

OK, I’m going to close this. It’s something we can consider for the Explore revamp, whenever that ends up happening.