Filter or sort by taxonomic hierarchy in Collection Projects

Hi - I have a Collection Project that I am populating. My aim is to provide a catalog useful for students and specialists of species in my region. I like the feature in the Guides format that allows for filtering by taxonomic hierarchy of Phyla, Class, etc. Is this feature available for Collection Project pages? Or is the main page of a Collection Project customizable? I’m reluctant to use Guides as they are no longer being further developed.

Many thanks

If I understand what you’re asking for, you should be able to filter by hierarchy in Observations Search. Once the site is working better, I can provide some steps and examples.

Hi Tony - thanks for your reply. Yes, I see the site had some issues yesterday so will stand-by until things settle down. For now, as an example of what I mean, if you look up the Umbrella Project “Marine Life of the Falkland Islands”, you’ll see under the Leaderboard are my list of Collection Projects, and then clicking on one of those Collections takes you to page of that Collection. Within that Collection, there does not seem to be a way to sort the list by Taxonomic Hierarchy.

I’ve attached an example screenshot from the Guides page (easier than describing it it words). I really like this style of expanding drop-drop down kind of search. From what I gather, Guides are not going to be further developed, so I’ve tried to set up this kind style using Umbrella Projects and Collection Projects.

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This feature request might be relevant:

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Yes, thats it. Sorry not to have posted a repeat question but maybe will reinforce the priority for the next round of upgrades. Thanks.


Thanks for the screenshot and explanation, I don’t think that’s what I had in mind to show you, and it’s not something that’s available in collection projects currently.