Filter or sort by taxonomic hierarchy in Collection Projects?

Hi - I have a Collection Project that I am populating. My aim is to provide a catalog useful for students and specialists of species in my region. I like the feature in the Guides format that allows for filtering by taxonomic hierarchy of Phyla, Class, etc. Is this feature available for Collection Project pages? Or is the main page of a Collection Project customizable? I’m reluctant to use Guides as they are no longer being further developed.

Many thanks

The main page for collection projects isn’t customizable. There isn’t a way add a taxonomic view to them either.

See affiliated feature request: Implement “taxonomic view” for observations search page

Fixed workaround link:,47534,85493,47490,47178,122158,48220,50863,57774&place_id=7690&user_ids=brewin_smsg,smsg,stefficarter&quality_grade=needs_id,research_grade

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