Is it possible to see only my observations which don't have a species rank ID?


I would like to easily find my observations I’ve have not identified precisely yet.
Does this feature exist ?


In the website header, click “Your observations”. Then select “Filters” (upper right) and choose under Rank/Low: “Complex”.

Same filter on Identify:


Thank you !

just to clarify a bit, the answer above finds observations where the observation taxon is higher than species.

so it may include cases where you’ve identified to species but someone else has disagreed, causing the observation taxon to revert to a common ancestor.

it may exclude cases where you’ve identified at a high level (or have not identified) but someone else has refined the taxon to species.

if you need to find observations that meet your exact wording above, that’ll require a more complicated process potentially.

Yes, you are right. It is not a problem for me

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