Is there a way to find location specific plant phenology charts?

When you look at the species page of a plant you can see the plants phenology in a chart at the bottom of the page, however the chart is for all observations of that species in the world, which makes it very inaccurate for plants with large ranges. I was wondering if there was a way to look at the phenology of a plant specifically for example in just my province or city, so I could get a more specific chart that would be applicable to the area I choose.

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In the upper right on the species page, there is a “Filter by Place” search function. It is located right under the “Search Species” text entry cell.


Exactly as Matt said. Here’s a visual representation of that with something really obvious between hemispheres:

Cicadas globally:

Cicadas Australia only:


In case you’re referring to the Android app - there isn’t a way to narrow down the charts by location there, just on the website.


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