Missing localities

Is there a url for easily finding observations that dont have coordinates (e.g. ones listed on iNat as “Location Unknown”)?

Ditto if they are missing Place Names (or “place_guess”)?

I know the urls for Obscure/Private and Locality Accuracy, but need a systematic way to find observations that are missing coordinates.

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Not that I’m aware of, but there’s this feature request:

You can use the parameter geo=false. However, by default this includes observations with geoprivacy=private and/or taxon_geoprivacy=private. So you also need to append verifiable=false and I think that will get you all the observations truly missing locations.


1.2 million observations from over 287K user accounts… Yikes.


I just found a subset that may be useful:

It pulls up not only 0,0 coordinates, but blank ones as well. (I’ve been ignoring all of those in my recent “pings” as I come across them btw)

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Well happily I can say, that none of these are from southern Africa ;-)

Very many thanks!


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