Find observations I've reviewed but did not ID

The title says it all really. I want to re-review all the observations that I’ve already reviewed but didn’t suggest an ID for. There are things I know now that I didn’t when I first started reviewing. So if there are any observations I’ve previously reviewed that still need an ID, I’d like to look at them again.

Finding all my previous reviews is easy enough. But I’ve looked at quite a lot of search url parameters, and I can’t see to how to do the other part. What I want is something like &without_ident_user_id=mine. Or really just any way to explicitly exclude every observation where I’ve already suggested an ID.

Yes, please! Would use this all the time. Other people want it too.

@tiwane any possibility for this? I was just thinking again today I wanted to use it.

I’ll pass it along.

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OK, I’ve made an issue for it here:


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OK, this should be in existence now, eg without_ident_user_id=jwidness


It’s working for me – thank you!!

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