Find taxa when you type subsp., var., etc

This is an issue old as time iNat. Throughout the search boxes on the site, typing the typical abbreviations for subspecies, varieties, and form prevent a successful search. Hoping iNat can be a bit more plant and fungi literate.

A search for “Silphium integrifolium laeve” finds me what I’m looking for.

But “Silphium integrifolium var. laeve” gets me zip.

I agree, and it would prevent the odd behaviour that if you copy an iNat subsp name directly from the taxon page such as: and paste it (“Silphium integrifolium var. laeve”) into an ID box it gets no results, you have to then go and delete the var.


Oh, this is a great one!
There’s another issue with that: when searching external name providers - getting rid of var./subsp. wording doesn’t help at all. Maximum you can do is to search for species and if system finds one - add a flag for var./subsp.

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