Find your own observations that need work

How do I search through my observations for ones where my ID is not the same as the community ID? Note, this is not just searching for those in status “Needs ID”. I’m looking for those where someone else has contributed a finer or disagreeing ID.

I try to always check my notifications when people put IDs on my observations that don’t match mine, but sometimes miss these, or look at it and decide I need to do some research before agreeing. I’d like to check which of my observations are in this state and require more study…


Not sure if this is quite what you’re looking for, but if you go to the Edit Observations page, then click on the Search button, there’s an option for “most disagree”. That seems to work, given my quick experiment with it.


I just tried that idea, and it’s pretty handy!

for those that can’t find the old observations page:

click on your profile pic at top right:
then click on observations:
then click Search:
tick the “most disagree” box:

and hit the Search button at the bottom of that panel.

I’ll add that it only shows your own observations and where there is dissention, but presumably your IDs will be on those!

Not sure how to make this work for observations by others…

There is the ability to search for your own maverick IDs, but you have to be considerably off from the CID for that to be relevant:

I’m guessing you want where your ID differs to any degree from the CID… and if you do find out, please let us know!


That screen-capture-and-highlight message worked really well for me! Thanks! I’ll have to try this search.


Thanks for this, I always wondered if there was a way to do this. Sometimes I am way off, especially if it’s starting from an Unknown ID :slightly_smiling_face:

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So that search described above finds some interesting results, but it’s not what I asked for. That shows identifications I’ve made that are off. I was looking for observations I’ve made where the ID is off, and none of those show up in the above search.

Search for identifications where:

  • user_id=maractwin: the identifier is maractwin
  • own_observation=true: the identifier is also the observer
  • current_taxon=false: the identification is different from the observation’s community ID
  • current=true: ignore withdrawn IDs which have been replaced

The results include the ID of the observation. The results don’t include observations where there are disagreeing finer IDs, but your ID is the same as the common ancestor. I’m not sure how to find those.

The results do include observations where your ID is the latest ID. I’m not sure how to exclude those.

630 results, so to get all of them you’ll need to add:

  • per_page=200: get 200 results at a time (maximum allowed)
  • page=2: get the 2nd page

Thanks, that does yield the info I was looking for. Using the API doesn’t give me much of a U/I, but as a developer, I’m not afraid to read the JSON output. Maybe I’ll write a little front end for this.


you can change the URL to:


Just for everyone’s information, staff has said that this is deprecated functionality that may be discontinued at any time, and may not currently work as expected.

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Thanks for the update!

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