Finding elephant mosquito larvae?

I just found an elephant mosquito in my yard. I knew there were large, non-biting mosquitoes, but I didn’t know they live in my area, and I definitely didn’t know they’re shiny and blue!

I looked up what the larvae are like, and they’re pretty cool. I want to catch some larvae and raise them to adulthood, so I can enjoy the larvae and also so I can see what a female looks like. I found a male, and I’m reading the females are bigger! This, I gotta see. (edit: apparently this one was a female, just not quite as big as they can potentially get. Now I wanna see if giving a larva as much food as it can eat will produce a bigger adult.)

Does anyone have any suggestions on finding them? Do I just look where there are other mosquito larvae? I found an article about people breeding them to control other species of mosquito, and it looks like the care is pretty simple- just keep them in containers of water, preferably separate so they don’t cannibalise each other, and provide them with other wiggly aquatic invertebrates.


I was wondering that myself after seeing several Elephant mosquitoes last weekend!

I’ve found pictures of elephant mosquito larvae, and they’re visibly different- they’re big, sort of spiny-looking, and reddish. So it shouldn’t be a problem to spot them, I just have to find them. I wonder if any hollow trees around here are collecting water.

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