How Can I Find A Voices ID?


I recorded a birds voice but I couldn’t find it’s ID. I want to know what this bird is. What should I do? Can you help me?

Post it on iNat with the recording as the voucher. Label it “Birds” and someone will come in and ID it down to species assuming we can hear it and know what it is. A lot of birds are identified by voice on iNat. The Audio Observations from Around the World Project has lots of good identifiers in its ranks.

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Thank you. :)

Since there will not be a photo, try to describe what kind of habitat (forest, beach, swamp, meadow etc) that you found the bird in as it will help narrow down options for anyone who tries to ID it.

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@theturkologist, it looks like you are in North America, I’m pretty decent with birds by ear if you’d like to tag me in your observation I am happy to help if you haven’t yet gotten that sorted. Also, agree with the suggestions from sandboa and cmcheatle!

Hi @mira_l_b ! Thank you so much but I live in Turkey. If you stil want to help me, I will be so grateful. :)

oops! Must’ve misread something! Sorry, but I’m not at all familiar with the awesome birds you must have in such a beautiful country. Wish I could assist but you probably know more than I would in that locale :(

Please don’t be sorry @mira_l_b. Thank you so much for everything. :)

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