Fish photo tanks

Does anyone know a good little fish viewing tank? All my searching has led to Amazon products which I am not sure about or just the completely wrong thing. I also might be calling them the wrong name, so here is an image from lincoln_oliver to show you what I am asking about:

If anyone knows a good online source, that would be great!


This page shows how to make one of your own if you can’t find one of the professional ones -


Thank you, I will look into that! :]

Half of @squidpastry 's awesome fish pictures are in a tank like that. you ask might squidpastry where they got it.

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Thank you! I will ask!

I recall someone building one of these out of two pieces of plexiglass silicone-glued to narrow molding strips for photo’ing minnows. Some gravel in the bottom. It was pretty simple but worked.