What place sells glass boxes for aquatic animal photographs?

I’ve been seeing these glass containers all over inat, but I have no idea where to get them. I have something similar, but not near as clear. does anyone know where to get them? they are primarily used to photograph fish. for example, around half of the observations of roanoke darters (Percina roanoka) are in it. they look really useful. anyone know where they are?


Two sizes:

The larger one is actually a recipe box.

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Thank you!

Thanks for asking this and thanks for the answer (links). I know some people would will be interested in these, as well.

Note that these are plastic (acrylic).

“The photos above are very representative of what you can expect. Please understand, though, that the tanks are plastic (acrylic) and not optical quality glass. Please also understand that plastic is susceptible to scratches, so I would recommend keeping the tank in a plastic or cloth bag to protect it and rinsing it off after setting it down on a rock or riverbank.”

This is glass and is 8".


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How about a glass petri dish? Depending on animal size, of course. They aren’t that hard to get ahold of from ordinary lab suppliers.

I’ve had some luck with glass petri dishes as well - especially for slow moving invertebrates. A piece of flat algae can create a nicely colored background, or you can put a piece of fabric, etc under the dish. Some examples below. The challenge is positioning your lighting at angles that don’t reflect on the surface of the water.





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