Specimen observation jars/containers? (Where to buy in Canada)

Hello, I often see people with containers and jars with measuring strips inside. I see this the most often with fish like in this Youtuber’s (AVNJ) content where he caught a Slimy Sculpin and in iNaturalist observations themselves!

(Image: A snippet from AVNJ’s video on Slimy Sculpin range)

But no matter how hard I search, high and low, googling every key word I possibly can think if, I CANNOT find anything of the sort sold online! (Google only gives me urine analysis cups and strangely jars for keeping your afterbirth? Not at all what I need!)

Mind you, I live in Canada so any Amazon.com links or similar US-based stores unfortunately don’t often ship to me, so I’m looking for a Canadian source.
I’m considering DIY-ing something similar for general use, so any good sources of info on that would be great!


Aquarium supply stores may have clear containers to hang off an aquarium wall when isolating sick or breeding fish.


Try making your own as described here - https://microfishing.com/2012/08/26/georgia-and-alabama-micro-fishing/

If you are not the build-it-yourself type try searching for terms like “micro fishing photo tank”. If that fails I know people use acrylic desk organizers as ad-hoc photo tanks.

BTW I’m in Canada as well and know that much of what you will find is expensive to ship here. The DIY approach may be the most cost-effective option and is the one I am probably going to try. If you come up with a better low-cost option please let me know.

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