Order of annotations inconsistent

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Step 1: Open an ob

Step 2: Check what order the annotations are in

Step 3: Discover that it is sometimes:
Life Stage | Sex | Dead or Alive OR
Life Stage | Dead or Alive | Sex


Interestingly, when I added a new ID to an ob, the order of annotations changed on this ob - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/42161834 but it didn’t on the first ob listed above.

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The same thing happens to me with the annotations of plant phenology, it is annoying because sometimes I end up marking the sex by accident


Not a bug, the populated annotations should be at the top.

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The annotations are in different orders before they’re annotated, and if Life Stage is then added, the other two sometimes switch places without having any values.


Well, I agree with @nicolasr, it makes it harder to annotate and more likely to mark the wrong thing if the order changes.


image image
Certainly it is a bug, annotations swap places all the time since dead/alive was added.


I’ve found the order can vary on my observations when all the fields are empty. I’ve also seen populated annotations shown split between being at the top and bottom (empty in the middle) or in the middle and at the bottom while the top is empty.

An example of the former:

An example of the latter: