Flag resolved by a deleted user?

I got a notification that a flag had been resolved by a suspended user, but seeing the flag it was not resolved
Platform (Website):
Browser, if a website issue (Chrome) :


maybe it was a deleted user?

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I just had this happen to me – I think it’s a problem that has to do with un-resolving a flag. Someone else (not a suspended user) resolved a flag that we were still discussing. I un-resolved the flag and now the message in my dashboard says the flag was resolved by a suspended user, but the flag is currently not resolved at all.

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Well I tried to reproduce the unresolving thing, but couldn’t. :/

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This was our working theory… @jwidness can you share the link to the flag and the notification, either publicly or privately?

I shared privately.
But for sure the user who resolved the flag in my case wasn’t suspended or deleted.

In the post from nicolasr, I wonder if @kitty12 may have resolved and then unresolved the flag?


My newest suspicion leads me to believe this might recreate the bug:

  • have someone create a flag
  • comment on their flag so you’re following it
  • someone else resolves the flag (in your dashboard you now see a notification about the flag getting resolved)
  • you unresolve the flag and now the notification says deleted user
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I have certainly resolved and then unresolved flags when I realized that further action might in fact be necessary (usually it’s not on a draft swap, though). But I’m sorry, I have no specific recollection of this particular one.

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I just had this happen with one flag I unresolved, but not another. In the case where I had this issue I hadn’t commented on the flag, but in the case where I didn’t have the issue I had commented on the flag. The only caveat is that another user commented before I unresolved them, so that notification showed up in my feed before the “deleted user” one. But they were separate notifications.
https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/507923 (with issue)
https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/507924 (without issue)
Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 9.31.27 AM

Added a bug report here: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/3297

Still happening consistently.
– on a flag with some comments on it.

Platform: website

Browser: Chrome

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: https://www.inaturalist.org/home, https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/528642

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

in the notifications dropdown:

on my dashboard, under all updates:

Description of problem:

Step 1: find a resolved flag (that was resolved by someone else—i tried to replicate it with flags i’d recently resolved and it didn’t generate the notification)

Step 2: comment or otherwise subscribe to notifications on the flag

Step 3: unresolve the flag

Step 4: wait for the notification in question

this flag was closed last September by @/loarie. i commented on the flag (subscribing me to notifications) to report an update at Dermaptera Species File, and then unresolved the flag (because of the update). after doing so, i got a notification that “deleted user resolved a flag for Forficula auricularia”, despite that 1. the flag was unresolved rather than resolved and 2. no one involved has deleted their account.
(i’m pretty sure i’ve seen this type of notification before, although i didn’t think to record specific instances or take screenshots at the time, and i don’t remember whether it was me or someone else unresolving a flag that generated the notification.)

Known issue: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/flag-resolved-by-a-deleted-user/11160/16

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Yeah, this is a known flag (moved these posts to the original flag). There’s already an issue for it on GitHub, but since it crops up rarely and doesn’t affect any functionality, it’s lower priority than other bugs.

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Another one today

Should be fixed now.

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