Add follow option to users in the app

Platform(s) - Android App - Pixel 3 Device

Description of need:
I do not understand how this basic feature is not available in app. Why can’t you follow a user from their observation page? You are only given the option to view their photo or send them a message. I would like an easy way to follow a user directly from their observations page on the app.

Feature request details:
Instead of the message icon on the top right of a users profile, you could have a three dot or three line dropdown menu where you could choose to message them, or follow/unfollow their page if you’re already following them. I’m not sure what other options could be involved.

I approved this, but will note that currently there is not a way to use the app to view observations of users you follow, see related feature request:

So part of the explanation for why this doesn’t currently exist is that it would have limited utility if you couldn’t also view the content of those you follow.