For anyone looking for bird species resources for South America this may be interesting

Species Lists of Birds for South American Countries and Territories

This page provides a link to the Excel spreadsheet that compares the lists of bird species documented for each South American country and territory. Note that these lists may not be the official national lists because criteria for inclusion on those lists may vary from SACC criteria – see below:

It includes data from a variety of sources, including iNaturalist.


Thank you very much!

Thanks! Interestingly, this latest version puts Brazil just ahead of Colombia in number of bird species (1855 to 1854). Other lists place Colombia as the country with most bird species in the world, and Brazil second. Peru is not far off, with 1832 on this (SACC) list.

Colombia still has it if you count only extant species, though!

Good point, if rather depressing, hadn’t thought of that!

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