Index of Red Lists / similar documents

An index listing of available national/regional/taxonomic Red Lists or other similar documents.

This is a wiki, please feel free to contribute by simply editing the main topic. :

Global/Regional - The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Geography based

Angola - Angolan national Red List (in Portuguese)

Belgium - Belgian national and regional Red Lists - page in English, data files in French or Dutch

Brazil - Brazilian national Red Lists (in Portuguese)

China - Vertebrates - in Chinese

Croatia - Croatian Red Lists are here, but need to brush up on my Croatian to find each indvidiual document

Czech Republic - Czech Spiders Red List (in English) , Czech Vascular Plants Red List (in English) Refer here for keys , Czech National Red List (all taxa) - in Czech

Denmark - [Danish national Red List (in Danish)] - 2019 update (

Estonia - Estonian national Red List

Finland - Finnish national Red List (2019) in English

France - French national Red Lists - in French, select ‘Red Lists of species’ from the ‘Select a program’ dropdown, then select desired group from ‘National red List (UICN France and MNHN)’

Germany: Red list of animals, plants and fungi (30.000 species)

Greece - Birds (in Greek)

Hungary - Hungarian Vascular Plants Red List (appears paywalled)

Iceland - Icelandic national Red Lists for birds, mammals and vascular plants (in English)

Ireland - Irish national Red Lists

Israel (and Palestine) – Plants Red List (in Hebrew)

Italy - Italian Plants Red List (in Italian) , Italian Vertebrates Red List (in Italian)

環境省レッドリスト(Kankyōshō Reddo Risuto, Ministry of the Environment Red List, 2019) in Japanese
Red List of Threatened Species (2007) in English

Luxembourg - Luxembourg Vascular Plants Red List (in English)

Netherlands 18 groups flora and fauna
Dutch national Red List (2019) in Dutch, government
Dutch national Red List (2019) in Dutch, Wikipedia

New Zealand - Threat Classification, Database (

Norway - Norwegian national Red List (in Norwegian)

Poland - Vascular Plants and Fungi - in Polish

Portugal - Portuguese national Red Lists: Vertebrates, 2005, Bryophytes, 2013,
Vascular Plants, 2020, Terrestrial and Freshwater Invertebrates, ongoing (in Portuguese)

Russian - Red book of Russia 2001 (in Russian)

+Crimean - Red book of Animalia of Crimea 2015 (in Russian) Red book of Plants, Algae and Fungi of Crimea 2015 (in Russian)

Slovakia - Birds (in English) , Ferns + Flowering Plants (paywalled)

South Africa - Plants (2017: new site to be loaded soon) / Animals (2016) / but Mammals (2016) /
Sensitive Species (in English)

Spain - Mammals, 2007 / Birds, 2007 / Herps, 2002 / Invertebrates, 2005 / Vascular flora, 2010 (pretty much all in Spanish)

Sweden - Swedish national Red List (in Swedish)

Switzerland - Vascular Plants (in German, cant find online access need to download)

Turkey - Butterflies (in English)

United Kingdom - English Vascular Plants Red List, Great Britain Butterflies Red List

Venezuela - Venezuelan National Red List (do not follow link on IUCN library page, it leads to a compromised webpage)


Here’s a library of National Red Lists


Yes, I was going to gradually use that link, however, many of those links are outdated our just link to larger document libraries, so I was trying to find the actual documents to link to.


Is it OK to add links that are entirely in a non-English language?

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Of course, several of my first ones are not in English. Likely best to note in the link as seen above.

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Italy (vertebrates, dragonflies, saproxylic coleoptera, corals, butterflies, flora, bony fishes, bees):