Forum links are broken on iNat network sites

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For the iNat Network sites that are displaying the Forum on their home page, the Forum links are all mis-formed. This is not the case at

For example, the current Forum post “Every ID comes up as a Vesper Bat” has the link:
on iNat NZ and iNat Canada, but

Note the extra “/” after

This breaks the link. (It loads a blank page on the forum.)

This has been happening for at least a few days, but used to work.

a similar bug report was made a couple of days ago, and a fix was supposed to have been deployed. did that not fix the problem?

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The links are formatted correctly on iNaturalist.LU (subject of that bug report) and iNaturalist AU, but not most other sites.

(and there’s no Forum section at all on homepages for Spanish-language iNat network sites or for iNaturalistGR.)

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Thanks. Yes, the bug is still there on the NZ and Canada sites. I didn’t check them all.

I think this is fixed now for all sites. Looks like the rails upgrade last week made it so a config update was needed for each site for those forum links to generate properly.

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Thanks @pleary For something that’s fixed it’s still doing a pretty good impression of being broken. :-)

The links are still broken at the moment at

How about now?

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Yup! That did it. All fixed.