Generate iNat Reports?


Is there a way to generate a report of specific parameters? Maybe export to an Excel or CSV?

I live in Montana and have been trying to recruit and cheerlead over the last year I’ve been on iNat. We have a small and rural population, and commensurately we only have 30k observations in the state. I interact a lot with and rely on the the handful of power users active in the area, and have long been considering running an iNat Montana (or maybe a broader iNat Northern Rockies) blog to provide a locus for the community to feel more like a community than a loose connection of users.

One thing that would be really helpful to see the big picture and interesting details would be a report. Things in Montana like:

  • Pie chart of observations by certain taxa (the usual categories of plants, birds, insects, fungi, bacteria, etc.) to date.
  • Trends: Total obs vs. RG obs, taxa obs numbers over time
  • List of taxa by % of RG, to organize efforts to clean them up as a group.
  • Call out of any NEW or RARE (n<5 or 10?) observations that week.
  • First posts by users, to call out a welcome to them.

Etc. etc.

I know iNat has the data, but I’m not sure how to pull it. Maybe this needs to bump over to the Feature Request forum, but I thought I’d post here first in case there is a way to do this.

Thank everyone!



On any observations page filtered how you want, open the “filters” menu, and choose “download” at the bottom right, which will give you some options for how to download the data.



I don’t know how much you’ve looked around, but I was pointed towards this in the Tutorials section
And this supplement in Tony Rebelo’s journal

I have found both to be very useful, tho I am just starting to work my way through them.



I would also really appreciate a tool that would provide a “new to a region”/“new to a project” notification or report.