Genus-level observation reaching Research Grade despite no DQA vote that the Community Taxon is as good as it can be

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Observation as it appears without any votes in the DQA:

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Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need): This observation with a genus-level community taxon is showing up as research grade, despite not having a DQA vote that the community taxon is as good as it can be. Voting against anything in the DQA (or that the community taxon can be improved) makes “The below items are needed to achieve Research Grade: … Community Taxon is precise - or - The community must feel that the Community Taxon is the best it can be based on the evidence” appear (alongside whatever the DQA vote was for), but it disappears upon removing the DQA vote, with the observation simply reverting to Research Grade. The observer’s initial ID displays as maverick despite there only being two IDs against it.

Looks like some sort of indexing problem. If adding/removing DQA votes doesn’t fix it, adding an ID should.

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Added my ID and promptly withdrew - to force reindexing.
And deleted - still OK at genus and Needs ID.

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Yep, looks like that fixed it.
I figured it was probably some sort of indexing issue, but I’d never encountered a case where fiddling with the DQA wasn’t enough to trigger reindexing before, or any case of IDs behaving quite like this. Checking for observations RG at family rank or higher produces a number of additional observations like this one, with an initial ID marked maverick despite only 2 disagreeing IDs and the observation automatically RG at a higher level (as well as a few with 3+ IDs disagreeing with the initial ID but only 2 of those agreeing on a species, at least one with just 2 IDs of different species, and at least one with the majority of IDs marked maverick!). Any idea what might cause this sort of thing?

probably an identifier deleted their account, which deleted all their contributions.