iOS app: uses current location instead of location of geotagged photo

One of the most common things I do with the iOS app (iphone 5s) is to take photos with the default camera app and then later add them to the iNaturalist app to create observations. This has always in the past resulted in an observation with the location at where the photo was taken.

Not any more. Today I tried this method and was surprised to see that the location of the observation was where I was standing, not where I had taken the image. I’ve replicated this with other images taken with a mapping app open and thus which are geotagged. Another difference is that when selecting photos, it’s only possible to select one, not multiple images as before.

I wonder if, like, this bug report, it could be something to do with the age of my mobile device. Whatever it is, this problem breaks my most frequent usage of iNaturalist.

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This bug is being discussed here, so I’ll close this topic.

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