Gerald Observation Blue Screened My Computer

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Website, windows
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Firefox (though I don’t think it’s a browser issue?)

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The gerald observation, I apologize but I’m too scared to open it again

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Unable to provide screenshot but I opened the observation and was immediately greeted with a screen like this:

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Step 1: Going through my notifications, I opened up the Gerald observation without realizing it, and my computer immediately blue screens.

Step 2: Previously it has slowed my computer, but this is the first time it outright crashed

Step 3:


Is there a way to mute notifications on a particular observation? I stupidly favorited it a while back because haha Gerald is funny. But as a result I get notifications from when people ID it or comment. I have previously opened up Gerald when going through my notifications every morning, and knowing my dumb (especially when sleep deprived on school days) self, I will definitely continue to make this error in the future unless something changes.

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You should clear your cache, restart, and run both Chdsk and Memtest.

Generally the BSOD (Bluescreen of Death) is a result of issues on the computer itself. These can be hardware issues or corrupted file issues. This is not likely to be an iNat bug, it’s more likely something with your computer.

As a quick test I just checked the Gerald observation on a Windows computer using both Firefox and Chrome and there were zero issues viewing it.

gerald’s power is immense and this problem can be resolved by fearing him


I agree that this isn’t a bug on iNat’s end. It sounds like a local issue, so I’ve changed the category to “General”.

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Thank you. Is there a way to mute notifcations on the observation? I withdrew my ID but I’m unsure if I can do anything beyond that.

Ah thank you, just saw this

That record sounds like it has become a hazard on iNat. Maybe it should be “roped off” somehow to warn the unsuspecting, like an open manhole on a street.



Yes please