Maps or photographs seemingly randomly "blued out"

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Most of the searches that I do have this issue. Sometimes it is the photos, sometimes maps, sometimes both. I am trying to use this for work I am doing and at times I can’t find the occurrences at all!

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Step 1: In explore, search on species “X”

Step 2: return

Step 3: blued out portions of the response

To me that looks more like a computer problem than an iNat problem, but that’s just my total-non-expert opinion.

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Just adding another screenshot with a photo partly blued.


And then this today when I zoomed in:

This was the second one I meant to add. And this makes me more concerned about an overall computer issue as fluffyinca suggests rather than iNat–although this is the only place I have seen this so far. Thanks.

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Definitely a computer issue. You can edit posts to change the text/images after you’ve posted it, btw.

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After that last photograph view I was highly suspicious that I was in trouble.

Thanks on both accounts zdanko.


Display Drivers likely need updating. You can google it for better directions than I can probably give you, but manufacturers of display devices often update their driver software to fix problems that are found after release for certain combinations of equipment that didn’t factor in their pre-release testing.


also consider re-booting so that it’s a freshly started copy of the drivers, which can sometimes get a little buggy the longer they are running for…

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Thanks kiwifergus, I appreciate the help and will delve into this. Ugh!

And apologies for, as it turned out, a non-iNat issue.


@leah - sorry you’re experiencing this! I hope you can get it figured out. I’ll close this bug report.