Getting connection failed error


I have been trying to query the iNAT website through the API. The script worked fine until a couple of weeks ago where it has been failing and giving me this error after running for more than 20minutes. Not sure how to fix this, any leads would be appreciated!

Its a Python notebook that runs in Azure Databricks and sends email based on the observations of interest!
Thank you in advance

based on your errors, the immediate problem isn’t related to iNaturalist. it looks like you’re trying to hit another API to do reverse geocoding, and that’s what is returning errors. that other API offers free geocoding, but not without limits. its terms of service clearly say:

You can use the API for your project, but please be fair - extensive usage will be throttled.

in other words, there is no bug here, and this isn’t really even an issue related to iNaturalist.

why do you even need to do additional reverse geocoding? the iNaturalist data already contains some location descriptions.