Getting Explore to Cover a Certain Geographic Region

When I use explore I want to see observations from my general area of the world, which is more-or-less the blue area I’ve drawn in on the map. If I make an observation of a squirrel, it is helpful to know it is one of the four species in this area. The problem is I can’t find any existing areas that can be added to approximate that area. If I do use existing areas (for example Placer County, it covers both my area (at 400’ elevation and Donner Lake at 6,000’, which has very different plants and animals. IS there any way I can do this without creating a new place?

Your area of interest is rectangular-ish, except for the top right, would a bounding box work?
You can manually adjust the coordinates in the url. Then if/when you’re happy bookmark the link for future reference.


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