Getting mites from insects you handle?

Who else has come home with little passengers as well as photos?
I was recently sitting editing some insect shots and noticed I was starting to itch. At first I thought it was psychosomatic as I was staring at lots of hairy legs and beady eyes but then I felt like things were crawling on my arms. I rubbed my arm and gently flicked at my laptop screen and some of the tiny white dots that landed on it starting running around!!
My macro lens could only just make out that they were spider mites but identifying them was near impossible as they looked whitish but that’s all I could tell. After a long hot shower I then hunted around the lounge checking out the dog,under pillows, gaps next to beams in cieling where I had heard rats recently all to no avail.
It was only when I went back to my photos I started noticing the number of insects that have bugs of their own passenger. The culprit was probably a beetle that I let crawl up my arm. When I zoomed in on the live shots of it I could see these little white dots
moving in and out of its hairs. I have no idea how to post the shots that only indicate white dots there one microsecond and gone the next.
They do bite as I had the small bumps to prove it was not all in my mind and I have a few blurry photos :blush:


ah… I think this forum is one of the only places you’ll meet many people thrilled by spotting a “bonus” parasite! :D


That’s kind of a strange, and awful, situation. I handle wild insects all the time and can’t say I ever caught mite bites from it, but I’m from an area where everything wants to bite you all the time, so I may just not have noticed. Mites are all over the place though so it may be hard to avoid them apart from normal precautions. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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