Good phone for macro photos

I use a Poco m5s phone to photograph insects and plants. It has a macro mode, but the result is very unsatisfactory. Can you recommend good budget phones for macro photography? If possible, links examples of the photos.

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These threads may be of use, but I’m sure there are more:


Thank you! The second link is very useful. The only - it threads from 2021. Maybe some newer information?

I looked quickly into the second link and found the statement about the lens not being taht important, i’s the the sensor that matters. I have to diagree with that - if the lens has a good macro mode allowing you to get really close, your insect covers a large part of the sensor. This gives you more insect pixels than having to be 20 cm away and then crop the image. I still warmly remember my old Konica Minolta Z3 from 2004 whose superzoom allowed an object distance of 2 cm, better than my current phone (A53) which requires 3+ cm. Maybe I’ll even start using the Z3 again.

I would be enjoied by this result - - it is from the second link. I wrote to author and she said me that it is Mi9 without lens.

I have an iPhone 12 which I find acceptable but most of my invert photos are taken with a cheap macrolens I got off of amazon (unfortunately). It was like 10$ and gives me results like this and both of these moths are tiny

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The both photos are better of my but the right looks like champion - . That camera has amazing detalization even without lens -

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With a proper camera the lens is absolutely the most important thing.

With a phone the lens is far less important and the sensor size takes over in importance.

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Looks like so. Sensor size + software used by phone for photo treatment.

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