Google Maps not loading correctly

Anyone else experiencing this? Consistent across Chrome and Safari for me.

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I’m experiencing it as well, both on home wifi and on T-mobile and across multiple browsers. We’re investigating.

Looks like the maps are also not loading on the iPhone app, but seem to load fine on my Android.

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Do you mean the app, or the website? Maps don’t load for me when using Safari on my iPhone, but maps in the iNaturalist mobile app are loading fine for me. The iOS app uses Apple Maps, not Google Maps. In a browser and with the Android app, iNaturalist uses Google Maps.

Sorry, I had someone check on their iPhone and thought they checked the app, while they were actually looking at Safari. In any case, looks like the maps are loading again now! Thanks!

Same here. Will mark this solved for now, but please holler if this is happens again.