Map Display Issues in Safari

Any interactive maps on the site have issues with vector layers (regional boundaries, observation markers, etc.) being improperly aligned, both with each other and with the basemap. I also see some of these features getting cut-off on the map. For example:

I am running Safari 12.1.1. I do not experience this issue when using the mobile app on my Android.

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@bheberlein can you provide the URL to the page from which your screenshot came?

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@jdmore This is from the Pilea microphylla taxon page. However it also occurs with every other taxon page that I visit.

Thanks! It looks fine to me in FireFox. Someone running the same version of Safari will have to let us know if they can replicate what you are seeing.

Is this something that has always happened for you, or something that changed recently? Does it look OK for you in other web browsers? I believe Safari 12.1.2 is the latest version - is it possible to upgrade (maybe you’d need to upgrade MacOS) and try again? I have 12.1.2 and it looks OK for me.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Working fine for me on Safari 12.1.2.

Working for me too, Safari 12.1.2 running on Mojave 10.14.6

@pleary I have always had this issue on my computer as far as I can remember. Maps look normal if I use Google Chrome. I will look into upgrading Safari to see if that fixes things.

This is definitely not normal. Try deleting the browser cache.

Would also be interesting to know what, if any, extensions you’re using, and if using it on a different network (like at a cafe or something makes a difference).

@tiwane great idea! It turns out that this is caused by the uBlock Origin extension in Safari. If I disable it, maps look normal! Evidently not a bug in the iNat website.

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