Guide creation, taxa omitted from pasted list

We have just created 19 species guides for Lancashire by pasting in lists of scientific names from an Excel master list (between 5 and 491 taxa in each guide). The lists were published without any errors/issues being reported, however, on double-checking the number of taxa listed in each guide it became apparent that some have been omitted from 15 of the Guides.

We have tracked down a few of the missing species and tried editing the guide and adding them: when we pasted taxa names individually into Add Taxa>Paste they failed to be added, however, if we pasted the same text into Add Taxa>One-by-one it was recognised and we could select and add the taxa. So it’s not that the text we pasted was garbage.

For example in the Guide: Lancashire Key Species – Amphibians and reptiles Guide

This was an issue for two taxa:

Natrix natrix
Pelophylax lessonae

Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It would be really helpful if the guide creation process reported if any taxa from a pasted list failed to be included.

N. natrix was split this week, as I remember UK has another species now.

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Guides are considered a failed and closed experiment by the site. They are going to leave them in place, but no effort will be allocated to development on them, including bug fixes (although as stated above this is more likely taxonomy related than a bug)

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As a workaround you can, enter the species as a list in batch mode which has a really nice interface to fix species that iNat cannot find. Then download the species from the list and put it into the guide.