Has anyone been so much into nature that you forget what to do next?

This has happened to me manier times,kinda mostly everyday.
A few months back,during my online classes I found a Ant-Mimicking Spider. I never realized that was a Ant mimicking spider until i observed it on INat. Its movement was Spectacular. I was completely into taking the video of the ant that I forgot to attend my next class


Yes. And not just nature. When was a kid I had a lot of trouble focussing on anything I wasn’t really interested in. On the other hand I could be laser-focussed on things that grabbed my interest and I was often “distracted” by nature. My 90 year-old mom still loves to tell the story from when I was little and the kids from our neighbourhood walked just a little less than a mile each way between home and school with much of it being on forest trails. In autumn and spring the young moms would hang out at the end of the neighbourhood where the trail came out of the trees, waiting for the kids to arrive. She was always the last one waiting and when I got home I was usually a mess with twigs in my hair and dirt on my clothes, homework left in a ditch somewhere where I got distracted by bugs or a frog.

A career as a biologist was a natural fit. At university I would get so absorbed in things that my girlfriend would come to the library or lab where I was set up and drag me away to eat. When the obsession was focussed on course work it worked out well. When I found something tangential to the subject under study I could get off into the weeds for days. I still have a file somewhere with a collection of papers from medical journals dealing with highly embarrassing and sometimes painful injuries presented in emergency rooms that turned out to have been caused by vacuum cleaners. As I recall, the Hoover Dustette was the model most commonly mentioned. I believe I was supposed to be working on a Limnology assignment at the time. Exactly how I ended up absorbed in medical arcana involving home cleaning appliances is lost to memory.


my condition is that you described my papers are near I am trying to study, but each time I am trying hard to study, but get easily distracted by the nature, whenever I sit to study when my exams are near then nature becomes so attaractive, like lots of emigrants(butterflies which are migrating hover my house), then good shiny days, soft breeze, sound of leaves of tree when air blows, it seems like nature is calling and welcoming me to fail in exams.


I tend to underestimate how much time I am going to spend on the trail or at the preserve, and come home later than I thought I would.

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