Has the image resolution on the observations page been downgraded?

When browsing an observations page, the first thing I do is right-click an image to open it in a new browser tab. During the last few days, the image resolution seems to be less than what it was, which makes it difficult to see details of the organism. Has anyone else noticed this?

On February 22 (or thereabouts), the URLs of these image files changed. Specifically the hostname changed from static.inaturalist.org to inaturalist-open-data.s3.amazonaws.com. Is this related to the apparent decrease in image resolution?



I don’t know there have been any changes, but I do see that the resolution of the first photo shown on the observation page is 1024x1024. Once you left click on it to enlarge, a 2000x2000 image is loaded, which you can then right click to view in a different tab. So in order to view max resolution in another tab, you need to left click once before right clicking.

There have not been any changes that affect image size, quality, or resolution

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I am finding it MUCH slower to load. While I wait (on Google Chrome) I have time to read amazonaws on the floating URL at the bottom.

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